BITS ended the year with the children of LEEDO

BITS ended the year by spreading awareness about Menstrual Hygiene Management among the children of LEEDO and donating sanitary napkins. Under the title ‘Being Period Positive’ (BPP), BITS organized this event on the last day of 2019 and spent the day with the children of LEEDO Peace Home, which is located in Washpur, Keraniganj.

BITS is a youth-based social organization, with the motto ‘unified to change’. Most of the members of BITS are still students from various colleges and universities. The founder of BITS, Ahnaf Tazwar Rahman, initiated this organization with the belief of reforming the society bits by bits. The project of this particular event has been coordinated by Saiyara Roja and co-coordinated by Khadija Sultana. Other notable members of BITS who has worked hard day and night to make BITS stronger, as well as this event a success, are, Shahriar Omi, Tanzin Mosharref Purba, Nishat Sal Sabil, Md. Rakibul Islam Rahat, Naafiz Rahman, Anika Bushra, and Afrin Jahan. Also, Tareq Bin Atique from Chitrakalpa had been on pins and needles throughout the time to cover the whole event and document it.

This event was organized to raise awareness on the menstrual cycle and female reproductive health among the adolescent girls of this Peace Home. Even in this modern era, with all kinds of updated technology within everyone’s reach, a large number of girls around the world are still not aware of the vital issues related to menstrual hygiene as well as the problems that can be caused during menstruation due to lack of awareness and care.

To spread knowledge about the menstrual cycle among these underprivileged children, EYElash conducted a complete session to enlighten them. The members of EYElash talked about their own first experience of menstruation, the taboos that go around in the society, the dos and don’ts during this period of time, and also how can these girls take measures to protect themselves from any type of disease related to menstruation.

At the onset of the event, Murshida Akter Kanta, co-founder of LEEDO, talked about the wonderful journey of this Peace Home. Then, Afrin Jahan, on behalf of BITS, talked about the menstrual cycle and her daily life experiences regarding this issue. Next, EYElash conducted their session, which was followed by speeches from the respected guests – Mohd. Ally (Engineer, Austin City Government, TX, USA), Sausan Rahmatullah (Ex USA Embassy Students Counselor), and Brother Nicolas, on their thoughts about this issue. Then, the sanitary napkins were distributed among the girls of Peace Home. The event ended with songs sung by the co-founder of BITS, Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin, where the children of LEEDO also joined in to make song and poetry performances.

The adolescent girls of today are the future of our tomorrow. If they cannot have a healthy life, the whole society will become diseased. So, it is our duty to make sure that from today onwards, no girl should remain unaware of the precautionary steps that need to be followed to have a healthy menstrual cycle.