‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ held at KBHUMS, organized by BITS

BITS has organized the event ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ at Khan Bahadur Hemayet Uddin Memorial School and College in South Banasree, on the 13th of November, 2019, Wednesday, from 11:30 am to 2 pm. It was facilitated by Inner Wheel Club of Mahanagar Dhaka, IWD 345. This event was about making the children aware of how to differentiate between the right and wrong types of touches from people, regardless of their relationships with them. The event was divided into several segments including cartoon sessions and puppet shows.

BITS is a youth-based social organization, with the motto ‘unified to change’. Most of the members of BITS are still students from various colleges and universities. The founder of BITS, Ahnaf Tazwar Rahman, initiated this organization with the belief of reforming the society bits by bits. The project of this particular event has been coordinated by Khadija Sultana. Other notable members of BITS who has worked hard day and night to make BITS stronger, as well as this event a success, are Shahriar Abid, Shahriar Omi, Tanzin Mosharref Purba, Ratul Chowdhury, Saiyara Roja, Nishat Sal Sabil, Md. Rakibul Islam Rahat, Naafiz Rahman, Anika Bushra, Afrin Jahan, and Shamama Siddiqua.

‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ focused on how the children can save themselves from getting victimized by the molesters, and bring a solution to it. The affected children lose their healthy childhood and grow up with traumatizing and miserable memories. This is why BITS tried to create a platform from where children can learn about saving their own bodies from any harm. This event didn’t only teach to save, but also made the young ones understand that they shouldn’t put up such an act by themselves. BITS did not only portray the importance of saving girls’ dignity, but it also left a message about the silent molestations where the young boys are preyed upon and pointed it as a vital matter to look upon.

In this event, firstly Elias Sunny, Cricket Player of Bangladesh National Cricket Team, took the stage as a guest speaker to discuss the significance of this concept. Following his speech, a short film was showcased, and right after that, the BITS members staged a drama, where a father taught his daughter about how she can save herself from getting molested.

Then Morshed Mishu, Forbes 30 Under 30 Cartoonist, added a star to the event by teaching the children to draw cartoons, while he simultaneously taught them about their body parts that solely belong to them.

The event ended with a puppet show, by the Inventor’s Puppet, where a little boy tells the young audience about how he gets unpleasant touches from a man. He is then made aware of the ways to protect his own body from predators by a girl.

The event ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ has attempted to depict the rising issue of children, despite their gender, getting molested every now and then, and bring this issue to light. BITS’ intention was to break the taboo of keeping these incidents secrets, as such actions give further license to more such occurrences. BITS intends to continue working on this issue, and reach out to more children of our society to make them believe that their body only belongs to them, and no one else.

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